Tooth Extractions


The dental professionals at Ornate Dental Clinic believe in a conservative approach to dentistry, which aims to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. Occasionally, though, it is appropriate to undergo tooth extractions if your tooth is suffering from damage or decay. Our tooth extractions in Ormond not only stop the spread of infection but also reconstruct your smile.

Some cases where tooth extraction is considered as the best solution may include:

  1. Baby teeth that affect the eruption of permanent teeth
  2. Complications caused by wisdom teeth
  3.  Dental trauma or emergencies
  4. Severe pain due to certain dental issues
  5. To create room before orthodontic treatment
  6. Full mouth rehabilitation



Our tooth extractions at our clinic in Ormond involve an initial assessment using a digital radiograph that captures images of your teeth and gums. This helps our expert dentist to decide the best method required for safe removal of your teeth and ensure quicker healing.

We also go through your medical and dental history before offering emergency tooth extraction in our Ormond clinic. The radiograph images also help in identifying the issues that affect your nerves and sinuses.

The radiographical analysis diagnoses infections or tumours, if any, that can significantly affect the extraction procedure. If you are suffering from bone disease, that can also impact the success of tooth extraction.

These findings help us in determining whether you require a simple tooth extraction service or any complex surgical extractions. We discuss our findings and conclusions to seek your consent before proceeding to tooth extraction.

We are also renowned for giving personalised dental extractions that focus on patient-centric care based on your individual needs and oral health conditions.



We are available on weekends and even late at night in our Ormond clinic for an emergency tooth extraction if needed. We also offer anaesthetic and sedative dentistry solution to calm the nerves of those who suffer from high dental fear. Call us today on (03) 9042 3460 to know more.

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