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Children Dentistry Services in Bentleigh

The initial stages of dental development in children start even before they are born. This primarily depends on the mother’s diet and overall health during pregnancy – the reason why a balanced diet during pregnancy becomes important. Post birth, infants start to teeth during their first few months. Primary teeth start erupting as early as 4 months, and all the 20 primary teeth usually develop by the age of 3. After a few years, primary teeth start making way for permanent teeth, and the last of the molars erupt much later, mostly during the teenage years. This just goes to show that there are many stages that one must pass through before the final set of 32 permanent adult teeth are formed.

Dental care starts early

Just as it is important to monitor the overall development of the child from a young age, it is equally important to ensure the right dental care early on. This will contribute to healthy dental growth and development for your child’s later years, including the way the smile develops. Timely monitoring and check-ups will also help to prevent most of the dental diseases common in childhood, and not to mention, the associated pain and discomfort too.

Specialized children’s dentist in Bentleigh

Ornate Dental Clinic offers quality children dentistry services in Bentleigh from infancy to adolescence. Our clinic is equipped with state of the art technology, which allows us to diagnose and treat a host of dental conditions for children, with maximum ease and comfort for them. Some of the distinguishing features of our paediatric dentistry service is in-clinic comprehensive check-ups, guidance on early nutrition for better oral health, weaning off kids from sucking their fingers with the use of special methods and even braces to ensure proper alignment and space management in case of premature loss of teeth.

Eliminating fear of dentists

We understand that a lot of children can be really anxious about visiting the dentist, either due to social conditioning or their own fears about sitting on the chair. Our team does everything they can to eliminate this fear, and make it a pleasant and even fun experience for kids. Our key dentist, Dr. Mann is known for her gentle hands and warmth while interacting with patients. With over thirteen years of experience in general dentistry, she has quite a way with young children and is able to instantly put them at ease with her friendly approach.

Our team also recommends that children be made more familiar with the clinic environment and it helps to get them along for a routine check-up while you are scheduling your own check-up. This will help instilling a positive attitude towards dental care, and will also help them see that there is nothing to fear.

When it comes to children dentistry, we have a stronger focus on prevention. We believe that inculcating the correct oral care behaviours, which includes regular check-ups is best done at an early stage, and these habits can carry kids well into adulthood for a lifetime of great dental health. If you are looking for a reliable children’s dentist that you can trust in Bentleigh, give us a call on 03 9042 3460 to book an appointment today.

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