Teeth Whitening


Ornate Dental Clinic specialises in providing quality teeth whitening in Bentleigh to improve your smile and self-confidence. People respond in different ways to different types of teeth-whitening methods. Therefore, we conduct a thorough assessment of your dental health before determining the perfect teeth whitening method.


We are renowned for offering a wide range of quality teeth whitening services, which includes teeth whitening treatment on the chair in our clinic.

Our dental specialists use up-to-date technology and the latest equipment to deliver the best results to preserve your oral health.

We are renowned for using the highest quality and most efficient whitening products to provide your teeth with optimal and safe teeth whitening solutions.

We use teeth whitening gels and chemicals that do not contain peroxide. Hence, you do not need to worry about the damage of your teeth enamel. Our expert treatment is popular for giving you satisfying results without having any adverse effect on your teeth.

Our teeth whitening service ensures a promising result, which may last for 3-5 years. However, if you do not undertake proper dental hygiene care like brushing and flossing of your teeth twice daily followed by a good eating habit, it may last even longer than expected.

Sometimes the over-bleaching of your teeth can also affect your oral health as the frequent bleaching makes teeth overly sensitive, brittle, and leave it with a darker appearance.

The qualified dentists at Ornate Dental Clinic examine various factors and offer you the best teeth whitening solution that is ideal to your teeth without causing any harm to your oral health.

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