Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bentleigh East

Wisdom teeth are called such, because they erupt into the mouth between the ages of 17-25, when one is considered more mature. The majority of adults have four wisdom teeth, which each erupt on one side at the rear of the upper and lower jaw.

Sometimes the wisdom tooth may not erupt properly, becoming trapped under the gum and bone which can cause pain. Similarly, the process of teeth coming through or erupting can be very painful. Especially, when they come through on the wrong angle. This is known as impaction. Whether due to other teeth blocking the wisdom teeth or the size of the jaw, this angulation of the tooth can cause inflammation, and lead to tooth decay (as wisdom teeth are often difficult to brush).

Ornate Dental and wisdom teeth

At our friendly Bentleigh East clinic, we will first give an examination before taking a digital radiograph. We do this to get an assessment on all your teeth, the location of your nerves and sinuses in relation to the affecting wisdom tooth or teeth. Taking into account, your dental and medical history, our experienced team will make our recommendation on what the best treatment or removal procedure.

After wisdom teeth removal

Whether or not it was a simple extraction or one requiring surgery, there are several things to remember while recovering:

  • Pain or discomfort is common 3-4 days after the extraction.
  • Follow all directions given by dentist or doctor, including taking medication on time.
  • During recovery, try to eat soft foods such as pasta and avoid any crunchy foods.
  • Do not drink with a straw as the suction can reopen the wounds.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking delays the healing process.
  • Brush gently, and avoid gargling.

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