White Spot Treatment

Dentists do not yet know what causes leukoplakia but they think the condition may be the result of irritation. Rough teeth, dentures or dental work may cause oral irritation in some people, as can tobacco use - especially pipe smoking - and alcohol use. Research shows that leukoplakia is most common among elderly people.

White spots on the gums are usually harmless and go away after a few days or weeks. Avoid alcohol and stop all tobacco use, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewing tobacco if you use these products.

Consult with a dentist if you think dental work is irritating your gums or mouth, or if the white spots on your gums are especially painful or prevent you from eating, talking, or wearing your dental appliances. Always consult with a dentist if you are concerned that the white spots on your gums are a sign of something more serious. A healthcare professional will examine the white spots and may even take a biopsy, or small sample of the diseased tissue, to send to the medical laboratory for further examination.

White Spots on Gums May Be a Sign of Cancer

Dentist may recommend you return to your healthcare professional for re-evaluation and who will consider performing a biopsy if the white spots on your gums do not heal within two weeks.