Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is a common procedure in dentistry. Put simply, it is the removal of a tooth from the bone socket. While that can seem scary, the procedure is carried out when the tooth is already broken, decaying, and beyond repair. If a tooth cannot be restored with a filling, crowns or veneers, an extraction becomes the best option for keeping the rest of the teeth and gums healthy. A very loose tooth may also require extraction if it can't be saved, even with a bone graft.

Some reasons behind a Tooth Extraction

In instances such as wisdom teeth, impaction (incorrect angle of erupting teeth) may be an issue requiring extraction. Similarly, other teeth (even baby teeth) may block teeth that are coming through into the mouth causing issues. Also, if people need braces, extraction may be needed to accommodate the straightening of remaining teeth.


After an assessment, we at Ornate Dental take a digital radiograph of the tooth and surrounding area to discern the best method for extraction. We also take into account your dental and medical history. The results of the radiograph can help determine upper teeth and their impact on the sinuses whereas the lower teeth concerns are with the inferior alveolar nerve in the jaw bone. We also look out for any tumours or infections, even bone disease that may significantly impact the procedure.

From here, we can determine whether the procedure requires a simple or surgical extraction, discussing both options with you in great detail. So if you just need a general check-up or are concerned about a tooth, visit our Bentleigh East clinic.

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