Quality Tooth-Coloured Dental Fillings in Bentleigh East

Traditional metal fillings are often composed of mercury, which can create a black or grey appearance. For this reason, at Ornate Dental Clinic we use only composite or tooth-coloured fillings. White fillings applied by the dentist are less likely to cause tooth breakage like with metal fillings. White fillings are also virtually undetectable that will make your smile healthy and beautiful at the same time.

About Dental Fillings

Sometimes referred to as dental restoration, dental fillings are designed to restore the integrity and function of a tooth where the tooth has been weakened by a cavity or external trauma. While mercury amalgam has reportedly been used as far back as the Tang Dynasty, materials such as gold, porcelain, and glass ionomer cement have also been used.
In direct restorations, a light cured dental filling is placed into the prepared tooth. As the material is set hard the filling helps in strengthening tooth integrity, and restoring bite functionality.
If you notice that you are avoiding chewing on one side of your mouth, or suffering from tooth ache or pain, book an appointment with Ornate Dental. We can assess whether you require a dental filling at our Bentleigh East clinic.

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