Treating Facial Pain

Experiencing facial pain due to a dental infection is an unfortunate condition that can be successfully treated by a dentist. In many cases, the condition can be prevented altogether by proper oral hygiene and by scheduling regular dental check-ups. Therefore, anyone that has not seen his or her dentist in the last six months should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any facial or jaw pain, contact your dentist immediately.

When someone experiences facial pain, the sensation can negatively affect virtually everything he or she does. Even a slight movement of the head can be painful. The pain can begin as a slight ache but may eventually develop into a sharp, all-consuming, stabbing sensation that makes it difficult to concentrate on work or anything other than the pain.

There are many different causes of facial pain. For instance, it can be experienced by people that suffer from sinusitis. An upper respiratory tract infection or nasal injury can also cause facial pain. However, a common cause can be attributed to dental abscesses or tooth infections. Fortunately, proper oral hygiene and regularly scheduled dental examinations can arrest dental infections or abscesses before they get out of control, or can prevent them from occurring altogether.